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Education Software

We have our own education software developed in collaboration with Edu experts suitable for operations across any educational institutes. Our educational software is a cost-effective solution for educational institutions that want to manage their student-related information and data in an organized digital platform.
  •  Offers comprehensive education solutions for Schools and other education institutes.
  • Easy Automated access to actual data allows meaningful grouping, filtering & analysis
  • Students learn at their own speed and convenience
Student apps and tab
•    360 degree learning Students App and Tab. 
•    Fully locked tabs prevent any mis-use of the device and enables Self-study, Effective revision, Self-assessment & analysis
•    Quality Content – Self-study Videos and Practice Tests
•    Offline & Online modes

Teacher App
•    Create Tests and Quizzes
•    Share own notes and reference videos
•    Analyze Test result and performance

Parent App
•    Check Test result
•    Performance analysis and benchmarking
•    Government & School notices and other information

Admin Portal
•    Program Dashboard – for Complete control and visibility
•    Performance Reports – School wise, Standard wise, Subject wise, etc
•    Send notification, Receive school reports - all automated
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