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Customized Software Solutions

C3P provides customized solution according to the customer’s exact requirements. We have executed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects for the manufacturing industry, hospitals, Operators of biomedical waste management, Universities and colleges. Modules of the ERP include Manufacturing, Purchase / Stores & Inventory, Human Resource, Accounts, Sales, Logistics, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) etc. Advanced features like OTP based approval system, Follow-up system for customers, suppliers and employees. 
Customized ERP
Standard ERP
No limit on the Number of User Licenses
Price depends on the Number of Licenses.
Any time an issue arises, the whole team starts working to solve it and provides better answers than the support workers.
Unfortunately, even the best ERP companies have trouble with providing good quality support. Thus, when users are having troubles with the system, they have to and hire a skilled ERP consultant to resolve the issues.
 Any additional tools which your business needs, will be integrated in the system.
It cannot be guaranteed that every third party service can be added.
With a custom solution, there is a higher initial cost. However, after development, you will not spend anything on the system.
With a Standard ERP, you will constantly pay to use it. This makes custom solutions cost-effective over time.
It can be made with all the features as per the customer's choice
It is not easily adjustable
Some of our Prestigious projects: -
Complete ERP for an Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturing Company
Designed, coded and commissioned a complete Enterprise Resource Planner for a Dubai based Manufacturing company. Modules of the ERP include Manufacturing, Inventory, Human Resource, Accounts, Purchase, Sales, Employee section, Packaging, Shipping etc.

Complete ERP for Bio Medical Waste Management System
Designed, coded and deployed a complete bio-medical waste management system right from customer registration to waste disposal and billing. The system processes a few thousand records a day and the database stores over 3,000,000 unique records.

Customized software for Fee Collection and reporting System
Designed, coded and deployed a Fee collection and reporting system for an “A grade” accredited university.

Customized Healthcare Application
Designed, coded and commissioned a complete portal for customers of a medical pathology testing company in Pune. This is a portal for customers to register themselves and order pathology, ECG, Lipid profile etc. tests from the convenience of their own homes. 
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