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Cyber security solutions  

Our cyber security solutions help protect organizations from cyber-attacks. It can protect organizations from data theft, reputational damage, compliance sanctions, and other negative impacts.
  • Monitors and mitigates existing and emerging cyber threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Creates a cyber culture that is strong enough to act and make quick decisions in times of crisis. 
  • Understands and addresses cyber vulnerabilities within the organization.
Some of our Prestigious projects: -
Endpoint Security
C3P offer top endpoint protection solution for business. It ensures the protection of corporate network when accessed via remote devices such as laptops or other wireless and mobile devices. We put best-of-breed technologies into action, so security becomes a business enabler — not an everyday distraction.

Network/Perimeter Security
C3P offers a wide range of Firewall Solutions for the corporate companies to design their network securely to withstand any type of attack. We install, configure and guide the cost-effective solutions for companies which provide a heightened security layer between untrusted networks and internal networks

Data Storage Solution
C3P constantly monitor new and emerging vendors for the latest backup, data protection & recovery software solutions.
We are offering,
•    On premises local bare metal image for all the servers 
•    On cloud (Cloud backup solution)

CCTV Network Vulnerability Scan Software
C3P offer most comprehensive security assessment of CCTV networks available. It provides actionable evidence-based results to validate risks and findings. Vulnerability database is constantly updated to provide enterprise-class protection Available for On-Cloud and On-Premise deployment. In addition to ease of use, a business can increase efficiency and productivity through digital accounting
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