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IoT solutions for Digital Factory/ Industry 4.0/Touchless parking

We enable organizations to transform business needs into competitive differentiators by delivering innovative IoT powered solutions. Our end-to-end IoT solutions empower Manufacturing industries, and educational institutions, Health care sector Etc. We provide Integrate innovative technologies into your maintenance processes and thereby expand your portfolio and push automation.
  • With improved tracking of assets (machinery, equipment, tools, etc.) using sensors and      connectivity, businesses can benefit from real-time insights
  • They can use real-time data from sensors and actuators to monitor and improve process efficiency, reduce energy costs and minimize human intervention.
  •  It reduces the hour to manage everyday tasks without human intervention
Some of our Prestigious projects: -
Solar Inverter Data Loggers
Created Embedded programs for monitoring and configuration of Solar Power Inverters. The system monitors various meters and inverter parameters and configures inverters based on power usage from multiple sources like Diesel Generators and electricity board. The system is also being hooked up to our own monitoring software that will give web-based access to real-time reports and status updates.
Touch less parking access and management systems
Cloud-based SaaS Parking Management Platform (PMP)
•    License plate is your entry ticket—always with your car
•    Eliminates tickets, RFIDs, keys—nothing to touch
•    Manage parking lot from anywhere
•    Enforce parking rules
•    Data analytics—increase utilization & dynamic pricing
•    Advanced booking and billing (Internet or mobile app)
•    Higher security
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